From a passionate owner of a classic vehicle to another passionate owner of a classic vehicle


I have a great passion for classic vehicles, and currently I’m renovating a green air-cooled VW Transporter T3/T25 camper, 2,0 petrol, from 1980.

The renovation has been an ongoing project for the past 2 years. As the project is progressing and soon coming to an end, I’m really starting to look forward to going on trips with my wife and daughter.

I have been lucky to get some great help from an 86-year-old retired mechanic who knows everything about classic Porsche and Volkswagen. He started his career in the VW factories back in 1949 and his many years of experience have been invaluable.

My own experience I have acquired through my 15 years of employment within the automotive industry.

I love driving cars and to feel the car on the road. I value quality which is an important factor in everything I do.

We would love to help you find the parts you need for your project – even if the parts are not in our current program. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact me or the rest of the team – we are ready to assist you.


See pictures of my VW Transporter T3/25 project